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1st Corps

"Kingmaker Miniatures was originally established by Stephan Hales (Little Big Men Studios) and Julian Blakeney-Edwards (Chiltern Miniatures and Valiant Miniatures). We, Simon and Michael Curtis of 1st Corps and Curteys Miniatures bought the company in August 2008 to allow Steve and Julian to concentrate on their other projects."

1st Corps/Kingmaker/Curtleys Miniatures do a range of WW1 British infantry, including trench raiders, a sniper and a Vickers machine gun with crew.

Their range of WW1 motorcycle and sidecar combinations is also of use if you want to make your faction more mobile, as is their range of seated bus passengers.

Their WW2 range consists of a small number of sailors, both unarmed and carrying firearms. They also have a great range of vehicles for both world wars.

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