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Wargames Foundry

"Makers of the finest and largest range of small metal cast models for gamers, collectors and painters."

One of the big-hitters when it comes to miniatures companies, Foundry's extensive historical and sci-fi ranges offer considerable scope for sourcing VBCW figures.

The Great War WW1 range boasts a huge amount of figures from which to fill your regular and territorial ranks, from British infantry in helmets or soft caps to Australian infantry in slouch hats, Scots Guards to Highlanders trench raiders to Royal Marines and Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve infantry.

Their WW2 line also has some great miniatures, including an England Invaded! range of Home Guard infantry, infantry on bicycles, and British civilians.

Moving to more exotic climes, Foundry's Darkest Africa range contains a number of characters who wouldn't look out of place on the VBCW battlefield, such as the Ardent Adventurers, Eccentric Explorers and Clean Limbed British Officers packs. Also check out their Boer war range for some mounted and pedestrian Boer commandoes who could easily be transformed into armed civilian militia.

 Finally, it might be worth your while to trawl through their Old West, Victorian, 2000AD and Street Violence ranges for other potential VBCW figure conversions.

Wargames Supply Dump

Manufacturers of pulp sci-fi miniatures and the Santa Claus Wars range, among which is the Mrs. "Mary" Christmas figure - a double barrel shotgun wielding lady perfect for a disgruntled farmer's wife in the VBCW world.

Warlord Games

"The finest plastic, resin and metal 28mm historical miniatures"

Warlord Games' Bolt Action WW2 stable, which has absorbed the BEF Miniatures line, has a considerable range of partisans and resistance fighters which are perfect for Anglican League militia, LDVs and the like. The Volkssturm Veterans in the German army section are similarly useful, while the Major Ternadust figure in the British army section would make a great Anglican League officer.

Bolt Action's WW2 range also includes a wide selection of metal and plastic regular army figures. Many of which, such as their early war French and Polish, would be perfect for adding a foreign flavour to your VBCW games in the form of European volunteers or continentally supplied factions.

If you require a few bits and bobs for conversions, Bolt Action's Weapons Store is also worth a look, as it holds a number of useful equipment and weapon sprues.

Recently bought out by Warlord Games, BEF miniatures' range of early WW2 figures include British infantry in 1937 pattern webbing - perfect for up-to-date VBCW regular infantry. They have also released a range of WW2 Belgians, which might be useful when gaming battles across the Channel, or when fielding foreign volunteers and the like on British soil.

They have also released a range of Home Guard, based on the popular sitcom 'Dad's Army'. These are available both in uniform with firearms, and in civilian attire with improvised weapons (they don't like it up 'em!).

Warm Acre

"At Warm Acre we produce games such as Hour of Glory, and Bunkerstorm and 28mm metal miniatures."

Warm Acre produce some useable WW2 miniatures for their Hour of Glory and Bunkerstorm ranges, including partisans, guards, scientists and SABRE agents.

Wessex Games

Wessex Games produces a small number of miniatures for their Voyages Extraordinaires adventure gaming rules, consisting of a pack of Colonial Adventurers and Merchant Marine Naval Landing Party pack - useful for those wishing to add a touch of the Jack Tar into their coastal faction.

Westwind Miniatures

"Roll the dice - play the game."

Westwind Productions' historical output includes the Berlin or Bust WW2 range, in which the VBCW enthusiast might well find some useful figures in, for example, the British 8th Army section. Also worth checking out is the French Resistance section.

They also boast a very handy WW2 Separate Head System range, from which you can source all sorts of different headgear for figure conversion purposes. This range also includes a pack of French civilians which might come in handy.

Continuing on a WW2 theme, Westwind's weird WW2 Secrets of the Third Reich, Doomsday 1949 and Incursion ranges might also be worth a trawl for potentials for VBCW remodelling.

Finally, the Gothic Horror range also offers many possibilities for VBCW figures, including London Thugs from the Jack the Ripper section, Colonial Police from the Zombies range, and for the devout among you, the Kindernacht sections' nuns.

White Knight's Miniature Imperium

White Knight has a small range of limited edition pulp characters (the 'Red Nun', 'Ciderman', 'Allied Supersoldier' and 'Bam Bam'), who might be suitable for adding a touch of derring-do to your faction.

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