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Acheson Creations/Arrow Miniatures

"The designers and mould makers of our company have a tradition of craftsmanship that goes back to the mid 1800's."

Acheson Creation's Arrow Miniatures produce some Austro-Hungarian infantry in their World War 1 figures range, which could double as BUF auxiliaries or foreign volunteers.  

Adalen Miniatures

"Now you can take part in the revolution that never was"

Taking inspiration from the Adalen riots, Adalen Miniatures produce a a small range of Swedish soldiers covering 1923-1939, including troops wearing distinctive tricorne hats. These chaps could be useful for VBCW Swedish interventionists or Nordic-supplied militia.

Aggro Miniatures (via Ainsty Castings)

Aggro Miniatures are a joint venture between Colonel Bills and Ainsty Castings that focusses on the unsavoury world of 1970's football hooliganism. However there are also a couple of st. John's Ambulance figures which would be useful as medics in the more rarified arena of VBCW.

Amazon Miniatures (Link broken)

Amazon Miniatures has some interesting figures in their Tales of the Shadow Reich range, including some rather scantily clad Nazi women (perfect for getting your BUF commandant hot under the collar) and some scantily clad nuns (perfect for getting your local priest hot under the collar!)

There are also two packs of armed figures that would make great Jewish militia fighters.
Please note - at the time of writing it is not known if Amazon Miniatures is still in business.

Architects of War's American Uncivil War line might be useful as a source of ragged bandits or militia with a little remodelling, while their range of animals might have a few beasties to surprise your opponent with while they march through your farmyard.

"Here at Artizan Designs we specialise in producing 28mm high metal figures, designed and produced to the highest possible standards."

Artizan manufacture figures for various periods, many of which are of use to the VBCW gamer.
Their Thrilling tales range is an Aladdin's cave of figures, including detectives, policemen, mercenaries, cultists, pirates and much more pulpy goodness. Also check out Artizan's Very Private Army figures within this range for VBCW ideas.

Their WW2 range is also of use, with British 8th Army, resistance and partisan fighters being of great VBCW potential.

With a little imagination, figures from their Wild West and Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang ranges can also be pressed into service.

"Quality 28mm figures for skirmish, semi-historical, role playing and Colonial period games."

Askari Miniatures' range represents a number of European colonial armies, such as Russian, Spanish and French, and their enemies. Of particular interest to the VBCW gamer is their Italian colonial army range, members of which could be used in battles both in Britain and her overseas colonies.

"Specialists in miniatures and scenery for 28mm games."

Avolak Castings produce a number of weird and wonderful miniatures for the world of pulp and horror gaming, including this figure of HP Lovecraft’s Randolph Carter – perfect for anyone wishing to add a runner/messenger to their faction.

"Quality 15mm & 28mm Scale Figures & Scenery."

The Red Army miniatures in Baker Company's Winter War range add more figure possibilities for socialist VBCW factions.

Battle Honors' WW1 and WW2 ranges offer a host of possibilities for your VBCW armies, including WW1 and WW2 British, German, Austrian, Russian and French (including partisans) miniatures.

Bear's Den Miniatures (Link broken)

"...our general aim is to provide you with as much variety in figure types, especially in poses, as opposed to the usual head variants other manufacturers give."

Bear's Den makes a small range of bowler-hatted figures that might be useful for VBCW. These are armed with umbrellas and briefcases, so some conversion will be required to arm them with rifles etc.

"Bend Sinister is the home for a varied range of miniatures, from ancient confused Generals right through to spacemen."

Bend Sinister's Mumbo Jumbo range contains two big game hunters - very useful for portraying militia fighters who have returned from the Dark Continent to defend their homes in the UK.

Bicorne Miniatures

Bicorne produce a handy range of miniatures is their War Artists range: artists, war correspondents (one based on Rudyard Kipling) and photographers to capture your sweeping victories across the VBCW battlefield.

Black Army Productions

"We currently focus our efforts on two areas: publishing fast-play miniatures rules, and producing finely sculpted 28mm miniatures in a variety of periods for the discriminating gamer."

Black Army's Champions of History and Shanghai 1930 ranges include a number of VBCW-potential figures, including spies, gangsters and detectives.

"..a rapidly growing range of metal pirate miniature, metal gothic horror figures and metal accessories and oddities!"

In amongst Black Cat's range of miniatures can be found a few figures that could be pressed into the ranks of your militia, including fishermen, a detective, a doctor, robed cultists and even a jazz band to liven up proceedings!

Black Orc Games (Online shop not working)

A look at Black Orc Games' Mini-Sculpt line will reveal a wide range of weird and wonderful figures, among which you might find something suitable for the VBCW tabletop.
And should the circus come to town during a lull in the fighting, their Freak Show range contains a number of figures ready to defend the Big Top against all-comers.

Black Pyramid Gaming

Black Pyramid Gaming has a few useful miniatures in their Tea Wars range, for those of you who like a dash of steampunk in your faction.

"Black Scorpion miniatures are approximately 32mm tall (29mm to eyes)."

Should Winston Churchill enter the VBCW arena, he can be found in Black Scorpion's Collectors Series range.

Furthermore, the Tombstone range may well yield some gunfighters and civilians that can be given a 1930's makeover.

"28mm Hand Made Metal Models for Wargamers, Modellers, Collectors and Painters."

In their historical section, Black Tree's Zulu War range includes Boers, both mounted and on foot, which could easily be used as armed civilian militias.

Their WW2 range also offers some scope for VBCW troops, including several packs of Russian partisans for mercenaries, bandits or militiamen.

Black Tree's Doctor Who range, although now discontinued, also has a few figures which could be used, such as boilersuit-clad Autons and the London Resistance box set - armed civilians in flat caps shouldn't require too much conversion!

"We are a new, part-time enterprise run by four blokes with a passion for wargaming."

Blazeaway sell the former Cannon Fodder WW1, WW2 and interwar ranges.
Their WW1 and WW2 lines focus on Australian troops, and as such could be used for soldiers on foreign service, or Commonwealth troops who have shipped over to Blighty to support a certain faction.

There is even greater VBCW potential in their Interwar and Kameraden! ranges, which include IRA fighters and German revolutionaries, which could double up as LDV militia; and German Freikorps who could be persuaded to join the ranks of the BUF and co. Their pulp range also offers one or two miniatures that might be useful, while their Artillery & Weapons Packs will be of use too.

Blind Beggar

Lead Adventure Forum member 'Mason' is sculpting his own range of miniatures for the Call of Cthulhu market, but some of the less terrifying figures show a lot of potential for the VBCW gamer.

Of particular interest is his range of armed housewives, ready to support their husbands on the battlefield, and also bowler-hatted city gents.

Packs also include some Wild West drivers, nurses, various Human agents (male and female) in civilian attire and some sinister sack-headed cultists for anyone wanting to beef up their Twiggy Mommet protesters.

"Blue Moon Manufacturing is an exciting new range covering the Pulp and Horror Genre and so much more."

Blue Moon produces box sets of miniatures, such as those in their Gang Land range. These gangsters, hillbillies and civilians can easily be transferred to a VBCW setting.

Their Pulp Characters range includes a number of secret agent box sets, and Captain Josiah and his Crew, that could double up as VBCW characters too.

Blue Moon's Things That Go Bump In The Night series includes a box set of London civilians and a Jack the Ripper set. Both of which have figures that could be updated to a 1930's setting. Finally, the Wild West range might also contain possibilities for conversion into armed civilians and brigands.

"We only offer items from the best brands available. Unless specified, all miniatures are 28mm and vehicle are 1/56th for use with miniatures."

Brigade Games produce a bewildering range of figures for many wargaming periods.
Brigade's Great War ranges consist of WWI: Great War in Africa, WWI: Western/Italian and WWI: Gallipoli/Palestine. As well as standard infantry figures, VBCW players can source Trench Raiders, Askaris, Sikh, Australian and New Zealand troops - all brimming with potential for adding something different to your VBCW faction.

The Storm in the East range covers the Russian Civil War, and contains plenty of scope for Soviet-supplied socialist militias. The Ends of the Earth range is also a useful source of VBCW figures, including armed and unarmed merchant seamen, U-boat crews and gendarmes to add that continental touch to your auxiliaries.

The list of ranges continues - WW2, Victorian Age, Mob Wars, American West, Lost World Explorers, Caribbean Empires - a delve through all of these will reveal figures that, with varying degrees of work, can be used in VBCW armies in one form or another.
Finally, check out their Terrain, Decals and Accessories range for some useful spares.

Brigade models do an interesting range of WW1 Belgians, including infantry, cavalry, an MG dog cart and a pack of Mauser M-1889 rifles. Perfect for any expeditions across the Channel, foreign volunteers or continentally-inspired auxiliaries.

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