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Citadel Miniatures (Independent website not affiliated to company)

Back in the 80's, Games Workshop's Citadel Miniatures released some Gothic Horror miniatures for their Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game. You might be able to find some useful figures among the ones that occasionally crop up on e-Bay.

Colonel Bill's Wargames Depot

Colonel Bill's, purveyor of second-hand miniatures, also releases original minis too, including some useful Home Guard figures, and some civilians caught in less than ideal situations!

Company B

Although primarily a producer of model vehicles, Company B also sell miniatures to make up the crew. Included in this line are a number of seated and dismounted figures such as drivers, gunners and commanders, which might make useful additions to your VBCW collection.

Copplestone Castings

"Adventures in Far-Flung places from the Polar Wastes to tropical Lost Worlds."

Copplestone Castings' figures are inspired by interwar tales of derring-do from the furthest corners of the globe. Spread across their Darkest Africa, High Adventure, Back of Beyond and WW1 ranges are many figure sets eminently suited to VBCW, such as Armed Archaeologists, Jolly Good Chaps, American Adventurers, pilots and Big-Game Hunters.

These ranges also include British and Indian troops in tropical dress - great for spreading the civil war out to the empire, Bolshevik troops for socialist factions and White Russians for émigré volunteers and mercenaries.

Copplestone's Gangsters range is also a potential source of VBCW figures, with sets ranging from street toughs and hitmen to sleuths and swell dolls.
For those up for a little figure conversion, the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang series is also worth a look.

CP Models

CP Models miniatures includes a range of historical personalities, should you wish to include any VIPs into your force.
Their Victoriana range is also worth a look, containing as it does some great civilian figures, Holmes and Watson, and a rather groovy one man band!

CP Models have also started a nice WW1 range, including some useful British infantry.

Crooked Dice

Crooked Dice produce some great miniatures inspired by the world of cult TV and it is well worth a delve through their catalogue, which includes useful figures such as Group Captain Jim Barrowight.

Crusader Miniatures

"Crusader Miniatures produce an extensive range of metal small scale figurines (28mm high). The ranges cover soldiers and warriors throughout history, and are made for Wargames, Collecting and Painting."

Crusader Miniatures' WW2 range has a few possibilities, most interesting of which is the German cavalry in side caps pack which, with a little filing here and there, would be perfect for mounted BUF units.

Their Wild West range, although small, has some great character models which could be given the 1930's VBCW treatment!

Dan Binsack Memorial Fund

GWP stalwart 'Orkdung' commissioned this miniature in memory of his late father and to raise funds for his memorial. Dressed in the uniform of his beloved Knights of Columbus, this figure would make a great command figure for your faction.

Design 28 Miniatures (Via Black Pyramid Gaming)

Design 28 (now handled by Black Pyramid Gaming) produce a range of steam punk figures, some of which are great for VBCW, including the Victorian Gents, Pinkerton Detectives, British Infantry (4th Lancastrian Tygers) and a wonderfully wacky gent on a steam powered penny-farthing!

Dixon Miniatures

"Established in 1976 DIXON MINIATURES are world renowned for the design and the production of only the very best military miniatures and wargaming figures."

Dixon Miniatures' 28mm WW2 range offers commandos and SAS figures, perfect for mercenaries and brigands in the VBCW setting. This range also includes French resistance fighters and civilian cyclists can double up as Anglican League volunteers and other civilian militia.

Dixon's Gangsters range is also worth a look, as it contains plenty of mobsters that could be used in a VBCW setting.

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