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Ironclad Miniatures

"Models worth fighting for."

Ironclad's Victorian Sci-fi range has a few potential VBCW figures, including British line infantry and Grenadier Guards in home service uniforms for those of you who like a dash of red in your faction. In the Odds 'n' ends section, potential militia figures can be found in the form of Victorian thugs, Victorians armed with sporting guns and armed servants.

They have also started work on a dedicated VBCW range, with excellent packs of armed miners, telegram boys and even firemen!

Irregular Miniatures

Irregular have a small VBCW range, currently consisting of some armed policeman (with a wider range in 20mm), which can be used in conjunction with the figures in their Emergency Services range.

Irregular Miniatures also stock a range of 25mm WW1 figures, including British and colonial troops, which might be a useful source of regulars and territorials.

Jeff Valent Studios (Link Broken)

Jeff Valent Studios 28mm historical WW2 range contains male and female resistance fighters, as well as other figures that might be useful in a VBCW setting, including an armed nurse and a US chaplain.

The Great Rail Wars/Deadlands line is also worth a look for suitable miniatures - both single figures and posse packs are available.


  1. It looks as if Ironclad is starting a VBCW range - http://ironcladminiatures.co.uk/shop/category_44/VBCW.html

    1. Thanks mate - they look good don't they? I'll add them to the website soon!