'We loved him. We would have drawn swords for him. And then, by God, didn't he let us down!!'
(An officer in the Royal Fusiliers)
In 1936, Britain's playboy King Edward VIII, thought by some to have far-right sympathies and a propensity for meddling in politics, abdicated in order to marry American divorcee Wallis Simpson. In the 'A Very British Civil War' (aka VBCW/BCW/ECW3) universe he refuses to give up the throne.   By 1938, parliament is dissolved, torn apart by the resultant constitutional crisis. The King appoints Oswald Mosley, leader of the British Union of Fascists, as Prime Minister.

Opposition to the new government forms around the Anglican League - a loose coalition of churchmen, disgruntled members of parliament and left-leaning political groups.   Attacked by regular forces loyal to the King and their BUF auxiliaries, the Anglican League militarises, as do communist organisations, local defence volunteers and a whole host of disparate groups. Scotland closes its border and declares itself independent, nationalists take up arms in Wales and Cornwall, and the British Empire begins to crumble.

Set in a fictionalised and stereotypical bygone age, replete with 'what-ho's' and 'toodle-pip's', cricket on the village green and tea with the vicar, Britain descends into civil war!

While few miniature manufacturers make figures specifically for VBCW, wargamers wishing to play this 'what if' universe can delve into a wide range of periods when building their forces. British regulars and territorials can be sourced from WWI and early WWII ranges; while fascist auxiliaries can sport European (Austrian, Italian, Czech etc.) uniforms, as can foreign volunteers and interventionists.  

LDVs and citizen's militias can be built up using interwar IRA figures, WWII partisans and resistance fighters, gangsters, pulp adventurers and even Wild West and Victoriana miniatures, whilst a Welsh nationalist force could be built up using French figures. A delve into Spanish and Russian Civil War ranges will provide many figures for use in Communist armies, while colonial and Back of Beyond miniatures can be used in clashes both at home and abroad.

There are no hard and fast rules or codices. Basically, with a little imagination, a suitable paint job and maybe a little greenstuff, the avid VBCW gamer can build any unit, from local territorials to communist insurgents; BUF bully boys to Anglican League militias; the lord of the manor's private army to militant busmen!

This guide attempts to list all the 25/28mm figure manufacturers out there that have suitable ranges to source from, providing as much information as can be gathered, whist hopefully providing some inspiration and ideas.   For further VBCW information, please pop into the Edward VIII Cocktail Bar at the Gentlemens Wargames Parlour, have a mooch around the Very British Civil Forum and check out the VBCW sourcebooks, available from Solway Crafts and Miniatures.

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