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Masquerade Miniatures

Masquerade Miniatures' 30mm Pill Bug City range has a few figures of interest, including a couple of clergymen to beef up any Anglican League force.

Matakishi's Tea House

If you like your glorious leaders to be particularly beefy, then check out Matakishi's Tea House's President for Life Hasira Kiboko miniature, from the Babatunde modern African range.


In amongst Maxminis Conversion Bits range can be found a number of useful head sprues for those of you up for a spot of figure bashing, such as ANZAc and commando head sprues.


Some eccentric VBCW characters might be found in MicroArt Studio's Wolsung World steam punk range, while their 30mm Discworld Miniatures line is worth a look if you're looking for a suitably heroic postie...


Mirliton have taken over the old Grenadier miniatures line, including their Call of Cthulhu range - now re-badged as 'Nightmares'. Cowering among the cosmic horrors that lurk in this line are a number of VBCW-conversionable sets of armed civilians, such as Gangland Gunmen, Vampire Hunters, Dauntless Dames and the like.

Mountain Miniatures

"Mountain miniatures is a small but soon to be expanding range of figures for the collector and painter."

Mountain Miniatures sells a 28mm secret agent that could be used as a VBCW figure with a little remodelling.

Mutton Chop (via Empress Miniatures)

"Something Wicked this way comes"

Sculptor extraordinaire and VBCW favourite Paul Hicks' own brand of miniatures.
Paul is producing some great figures, designed to capture the spirit of VBCW with eccentric characters and Heath-Robinson devices, as well as resin models of iconic British symbols such as the post box.

Included in this growing range are figures inspired by a number of whimsical sources, from Wind in the Willows to Oh Mr. Porter via the Carry On films and Trumpton! Paul also releases figures based on fictitious VBCW personalities, such as BUF bounder Lord Cirencester, based on Sir Ian McKellen's portrayal of Richard III and other handy miniatures, including tank crews and the rip-roaring Croydon Crusher!

Mr. Hicks has also started a great range of figures for the early stages of WW1, including some very useful BEF miniatures.

Mystic Spirals' Pulp range contains a number of figures of interest to the VBCW enthusiast, including a vampire hunting paratrooper and some rather attractive young ladies, such as Roosevelt's Angels, for anyone wishing to add a little glamour to their faction.

Please note that this company is currently not trading.

Mythos Foundry

Among the hideous creatures available to backers of Mythos Foundry's Kickstarter project are a couple of miniatures of interest to VBCW gamers; namely H.P. Lovecraft and his wife Sonia Greene.

Newline Designs

Newline Designs carries a range of 19th miniatures, among which the Boers might be useful as militia types.

For those looking for something more exotic, they also sell Pontoonier Miniatures' ranges, including their Gurkhas.

"We are a UK based company and we stock thousands of model soldiers and wargames rule books, as well as various accessories to go with them."

North Star produce a small range of Spanish Civil War miniatures, including some International Brigade figures suitable for incorporation into VBCW militias.

Their Africa! range includes some British South Africa Company figures that are likewise adaptable for VBCW.

At the time of writing, Northstar are also poised to release a Victorian sci-fi range called ‘In Her Majesty's Name ‘. Which includes some useful figures for VBCW.

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