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Scarab Miniatures

"We intend to focus on periods of history not well catered for by major manufacturers and deliever to our customers a high quality product in a prompt and efficient manner."

Scarab's range of WW1 miniatures focuses on the little-represented Italian front, and as such and count as a potential source of continental-looking BUF troops.

Their British WW1 figures currently consists of a set of captains, generals and characters, including featuring Captain Whiteviper and a drinks cabinet, and a scruffy looking private who no doubt has some very cunning plans...

Scheltrum Miniatures

Scheltrum produce a range of figures and vehicles covering the various revolutions and wars of independence in the years of turmoil just after WWI. Currently these include armed workers, Spartakists and Volksmarine miniatures.

Sgt Major Miniatures

"SGMM specializes in the design and distribution of fine-scale, 100% pewter historical miniatures."

Those of you with religious factions might like to check out Sgt Major Miniatures' Get Some! modern pulp range. This line contains a number of VBCW-friendly figures which, with a little weapons swapping, could be pressed into service - such as armed nuns, monks, Catholics, Orthodox priests and the dreaded Spanish Inquisition.

Slap Miniatures

Slap Miniatures are working on a small range of pulp figures, inspired by a certain spinach obsessed sailor and his chums, perfect for you nautical VBCW types.

Sloppy Jalopy

"Why walk, when you can ride in a..."

Sloppy Jalopy are primarily a producer of 1/48th scale Interwar and 1/56th scale Cold War Vehicles, but also make some handy 28mm interwar miniatures to act as drivers and passengers. The range currently consists of civilians and gangsters, but there are plans for bus crew and passengers, generic driver figures and military drivers.

They have also released a very nice range of armed cricketers, split into two packs; players and gentlemen. Very handy if you'd like your militia to add a bit of spin to their grenade throwing!

Statuesque Miniatures

Sculptor Andrew Rae’s Statuesque Miniatures range produces some lovely near-future female resistance fighters, including conversion bits. Some of the products would be useful if it’s ladies day in your VBCW games or you wanted to add a little glamour to your faction.

His growing Pulp Alley and Statuesque Asylum ranges are also work a look for VBCW possibilities.

"Miniatures for the connoisseur."

Steve Barber's 25mm Prohibition Wars range is another potential source of armed civilians, gangsters and hoodlums for VBCW.

Stronghold Miniatures

"We manufacture the historical ranges previously carried by Pioneer Miniatures."

Stronghold Miniatures produce and range of WW2 Home Guard support weapons, such as the Smith Gun, Blacker Bombard and Northover Projector.

Please note - at the time of writing, Stronghold seem to be experiencing some problems, and the website is not fully functioning.

Studio Miniatures

Studio Miniatures' Boxer Rebellion colonial range contains a number of VBCW-friendly figures, including side-cap wearing British marines, which could double as BUF.

Studio Siberia

This Russian company produces growing number of vehicles, artillery and miniatures for WW1 and the Russian Civil War, including a Red Army armoured car crew and the 'Women's Battalion of Death', which could easily be used as part of a VBCW socialist force.

The Assault Group

The Assault Group sell a range of WW2 miniatures which you might find useful, but more importantly sell a wide range of weapons including Tommy guns, sniper rifles and BARs for those of you up for a bit of conversion work.

The Plastic Soldier Company

The Plastic Soldier Company sells a box of 57 hard plastic 28mm scale miniatures depicting WW2 Russian infantry in summer uniform - a cheap source of figures for your socialist force, or indeed any other faction with a little imaginative painting or remodelling.

The Virtual Armchair General

"Exclusive Provider of Unique Wargames and Collectible Miniatures"

The Virtual Armchair General produce a useful range of 25mm figures and equipment, including some handy naval guns and gun crew, for those VBCW players who like their boats to have some oomph.

Tiger Miniatures

Tiger produces miniatures covering a number of 19th and early 20th century conflicts from which VBCW figures could be sourced, including Dutch and German colonial, Cuban-American war and the Balkan wars.

They have also taken over some VBCW-friendly miniature lines in their Winter War/HLBC range, such as Mounties, American and Commonwealth troops in 1919 Winter War gear, Bolsheviks and Sand Pebbles naval figures.

Too Fat Lardies

The Too Fat Lardies, purveyors of fine wargames rules, including Through the Mud and Blood and Chain of Command, have this fine figure of 'Hugh Jarse', which comes free with every hard-copy purchase of their products.

Tsuba Miniatures produce a great line of figures for the Russo-Japanese War, which could also be useful for anyone wishing to field White Russian émigrés or wish to add an oriental flavour to their VBCW force.

They also sell some useful ‘Manchurian bandits’, based on a well-known Korean pulp movie, which would look fun on the VBCW battlefield!

Tsuba are also releasing a range based on the post-WW1 strife in Germany, beginning with some packs of Freikorps Werdenfels - part of the federal troops sent to Munich to fight against the Munich Soviet in May 1919 and great for any Germanic volunteers in your VBCW collection.

Turnkey Miniatures

Turnkey Miniatures has acquired the Mega Miniatures line, which has a wide range of creatures, including farm animals and dogs, as well as potentially useful ranges of townsfolk, zombie survivors and furniture.

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