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Gary Mitchell

Gary Mitchell's Space Vixens from Mars sci-fi range has a couple of figures that VBCW players might find useful, including Arthur Windsor and Margaret Plumber, while a quick scroll down to the Episode 25 - 'Divine Wind' range will reveal a number of historical character figures who, given a little poetic license, could be used to grace your table, such as Elizabeth II, Stalin and Richard III.

Gorgon Studios

Gorgon Studios sell Blitzkrieg Laboratories' range of 1920's gangsters, which would help pep up any civilian militia, whilst the early WW2 range might also be of use.

Great Endeavours

Great Endeavours sells the old Ral Partha colonial range, in conjunction with Stellar Systems, USA. Among this range are a few Boer figures that could double up as VBCW LDV militia with a little remodelling.

Great War Miniatures (via North Star)

Available via North Star, Great War miniatures make a large range of WW1 figures, many of which could be used as regular and territorial troops in VBCW settings. Miniature packs include Highlanders, lowland Scots, trench catapult with crew and a British characters set with motorcycle dispatch rider and a Tommy kicking a football!

Grindhouse Games

Among the plucky allies fighting the evil occult tide of the Nazis in Grindhouse Games' 32mm Incursion range can be found a few miniatures suitable for the more gentrified arena of VBCW.

Gripping Beast/Woodbine Design

"Welcome To The Beast's Lair! 28mm Ancient, Dark Age & Early Medieval Figures ..plus accessories and now The Woodbine Design Company too!"

Gripping Beast 'sponsor' Woodbine Design's WW1 in the East line - a range that includes short-wearing ANZACs as well as British figures. This range is also noted for it's separate head sprues, enabling the wargamer to kit our their infantry in headgear ranging from Brodie helmets and soft caps to 'lemon squeezers' and Royal Naval Division caps and offering unlimited possibilities to the VBCW enthusiast.

You are also cordially directed to take a look at Woodbines specials range, which includes such VBCW-friendly figures as Chaps on the Hunt, Poachers, Morris Dancers and the Red Baron and chums. There are also some great packs of armed school boys, school masters and the Squire and his family.

Gripping Beast also sell Musketeer Miniatures' ranges (see separate entry)

Harwood Hobbies

Harwood Hobbies' Lovecraft Circle range contains a handful of miniatures which could be used in a VBCW setting - assuming they don't go insane or are taken by the range's more horrific denizens first...

Hasslefree Miniatures

"We manufacture 28mm scale fantasy and sci-fi figures. We work to a 'true' 28mm scale and not a 'heroic' scale which means that approximately a 5'10" tall man would be 28mm to his eye level. Our figures are very detailed and suitable for painting, collecting and RPG's."

Hiding amongst the survivors of the zombie apocalypse that make up Hasslefree's Adventurers range are a few figures that could be used for armed 1930's types, including two versions of the cricket bat wielding Ray and Madge, a shotgun toting royal personage. Their civilians range also has a few possibilities, including the suave Prof Beattie and Norville the security guard.

Any VBCW commander dastardly enough to field youngsters in his army would do well to take a look at Heresy's Kindred miniatures - sci-fi Halflings decked out in WW1 style uniforms.
Hasslefree's Armoury page is also worth a peek, for nestling among the fantasy and sci-fi weapons is some zombie hunting gear (including a cricket bat) and a pack of Thomson MGs.

Heresy Miniatures

"A range of multi-part, easily convertable, generic, fantasy miniatures for your rpg or dungeon quests!"

Primarily a producer of fantasy and science fiction miniatures, Heresy have a handful of figures in their sci-fi range that, with a little remodelling, could be used to grace your VBCW table, including a couple of time-travelling professors...

Hinterland Miniatures

"The 28mm-scaled miniatures available on this site are intended to represent a fictitious unit of female Hussars, serving at the end of the 19th Century, up to World War I."

That says it all really! Great for representing the archetypal rich, passionate and eccentric 1930's women who would no doubt don self-designed uniforms and take up arms in support of their male counterparts.

These fine ladies come in infantry (firing and skirmishing), command, maxim crew and character (including mounted) packs, as well as pickelhaube wearing trench raiders.

Hinterland have also released a some nice sets of female sailors for those wishing to add some Jill Tars to their Jack Tars and slouch-hat wearing Shutztruppen which would be great for women's militia units.

Honourable Lead Boiler Suit Company

With the exception of collection of WW1 artillery and a British heavy artillery crew, much of The Honourable Lead Boiler Suit Company's range of WW1 miniatures is now sadly discontinued, but if you have any in your collection or find some for sale somewhere, they could be pressed into service as 1930's regulars and such.

However all is not lost, as Tiger Miniatures has taken on some of HLBS' figures, including deep sea divers, mounties and Winter War 1919 Americans (see seperate entry).

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