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Old Glory UK

Old Glory UK's 25mm WW1 range includes figures for the great powers, as well as Italian, Serbian and Montenegrin miniatures - plenty of possibilities for VBCW regulars and auxiliaries.

Old Glory US

"Simply the Finest."

Old Glory's 25mm miniature lines contain several possibilities for VBCW figures.
Boers and Boxer Rebellion civilian volunteers can be found in their historical ranges, while their Cowboy Wars range might also contain a few useful figures if you're not adverse to a bit of remodelling.

The 33mm Superfigs superhero range includes some modern civilian packs, some of whom could be given a retro 1930's look.
Old Glory also sell 28mm pulp figures in their Chaos in Cairo range, which contains some potential VBCW miniatures.

Orinoco Miniatures

Orinoco Miniatures have expanded their South American wars range to cover the Chaco War (1931-1935) and have produced some packs of Bolivian and Paraguayan infantry - perfect for those looking to build up their faction with some figures from a genuine 1930's conflict!

Oshiro Model Terrain

This purveyor of wargaming buildings and terrain also has a small range of Japanese Boxer Rebellion figures, including some unarmed sailors that might be useful.

Outpost Wargame Services

"Purveyors of Quality goods for Wargamers at affordable prices"

Outpost Wargame Services produce a specially commissioned range of WW2 Romanians, to add a central European feel to your faction.

Over the Wire Games

"Games by Over The Wire offer excellent value for money. Boxed sets contain all rules and figures needed to play a game with the offer of purchasing further figures to enhance play."

Over the Wire's England Invaded skirmish wargame is set at the close of the nineteenth century in which Germany has launched an invasion of France and Britain. The miniatures for this game (British and European infantry, pirates, African explorers and such) have a pulpy WW1 look to them and could well be transported a few decades forward in time to the alternative universe of VBCW.

Parkfield Miniatures

"25mm and 15mm Wargame figures and accessories for the discerning wargamer."

Parkfield Miniatures' 28mm Second World War range consists of a handful of French resistance figures, including one with a detonator, which could make useful additions to your militia fighters.

Parroom Station

Some of the Extraordinary Personages figures in Parroom Station's Victorian science fiction range might be worth considering for VBCW action.


The Newark Irregulars, host of the popular Partizan wargames event, have recently been giving away some great VBCW miniatures for the lucky first few who attend their shows. Such VIPs to have so far made it into miniature form include HRH King Edward VIII and his good lady Wallis Simpson.

Perry Miniatures

"Perry Miniatures is run by well known 28mm sculptors Alan & Michael Perry."

The Perry boys' Mafeking 1900 range was designed out the filming of a BBC programme about Baden-Powell and the Scout movement. Originally not intended for sale, they generated so much interest that now they are! The figures consist of black and white armed civilians and a troop of boy scouts, all just as capable of manning the defences of Hull, Liverpool or Evesham as they are Mafeking.

It might also be worth checking out the boys ACW line too, for some 19th century rioters which might be useful with a bit of conversion work.

Phoenix Miniatures (via North Star)

Phoenix Miniatures produce a small range of Royal Naval division figures, for those VBCW gamers wishing to add a nautical element to their faction.

Pulp 28's (via Knights of Dice)

"Pulp 28’s is a world where danger waits around every corner, perils lurk in the shadows of dark alleys and creatures from the stygian beyond lurk in the dark places of the world."

Pulp 28's produces a growing range of pulp miniatures, under such categories as 'Rugged Adventures', 'Dangerous Tales', 'Steam Pulp' and 'Gadgets & Catsuits'.

From Dockside Toughs to Intrepid Explorers via The Edward Sisters, there is plenty of VBCW-friendly stuff!

Pulp Miniatures

"Astounding Amazing Miniatures by Bob Murch, the two fisted sculptor of choice for manly adventure gamers around the globe."

Pulp Miniatures - does exactly what it says on the tin!

Pulp's figures are inspired by the interwar world of celluloid action, adventure and derring-do. With ranges as varied as Gangland Justice, Rugged Sons of Empire and Count Casamir's Trans-Siberian Renegades, the VBCW gamer is spoilt for choice for characters and troops for their armies.

Potential VBCW figures include British in tropical kit, Merchant Sailors with Rifles, General Cappy Boyd & his Expatriate Mercenaries and Dime Store Tough Guys (with a side order of Surly Servants for your aristocratic command).

Also take a look in their Savage Seas section for a handy pack of light deck weapons.

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