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Uncle Mike's Worldwide

"We specialize in resin terrain and miniatures, and now also offer our own skirmish game: Strange Aeons."

In Uncle Mike's Strange Aeons range are a number of useful figures, including packs of Threshold Agents who could no doubt be persuaded to join your cause in the world of VBCW and dastardly cultists to give your faction a more eldritch touch.

Valkyrie Miniatures (Link Broken)

"We are a new business specialising in the manufacture of high quality 28mm metal miniatures for wargamers and collectors."

Valkyrie Miniatures produces a range of WW2 Norwegian infantry, including marksmen and a mortar team - perfect for Nordic-inspired VBCW units.

Victoria Miniatures

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition! Victoria Lamb's set, comprising of an inquisitor and his two cardinals is enough to strike terror in the hearts of the opponents of any Catholic VBCW faction.

Victory Force

Victory Force produce a line of 25-33mm WW2 miniatures, including a range of resistance fighters and civilians. Of particular interest is VF's 'choose hand feature', which allows you to choose what your miniature is carrying - from 98K rifles to satchel charges, which gives you more options when arming your militias.

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